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Get Access To A Professionally Trained Pest Control Company In Newry

As a homeowner, you take great pride in maintaining a clean and tidy home, so if you see mouse dropping and gnawed furniture in your home, you may have a serious pest problem. If you’ve tried mousetraps and other solutions and still can’t seem to remove these tiny terrors from your property, District Pest Control can provide a fast and effective solution.


Employing the latest in pest control techniques, our team of experts will quickly identify where the mice are hiding in your property and determine the best way to deal with them. Arriving in a discrete, unmarked van, you don’t have to worry about the neighbours finding out about your pest problem until you have already dealt with it.


Our team will utilise a variety of different methods to quickly get the mice out of your property. From pesticides to traps, we will do everything we can to ensure you can relax in a pest free home. We aim to complete our pest control as quickly and humanely as possible to make the process stress free for you and the mice.


Quality pest control for your home or business


Whether pets have made your way into your home or your business, we can solve your problems in either location. Our pest control experts regularly visit your business or commercial property to monitor for rodents and other potential pests that could affect your staff or customers.


A high food hygiene rating is essential for running a successful restaurant, so maintaining that rating is incredibly important. We can provide you with effective pest control in Newry, Antrim, Armagh, Ballymena and Causeway area before your next inspection.


Book our pest control experts and make your property pest free.

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