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Your First Choice For Pest Control In Coleraine

It can be hard to rest easy when you know that pests are scurrying or crawling around your home. From rodents to insects, there are a variety of pests that can transform your living space from comfortable to unpleasant.


At District Pest Control, we pride ourselves on getting you comfortable in your house as soon as possible. If any pests had made residence in your home, we’ll go above and beyond to remove them in a safe and effective manner. Whether it’s mice, rats, insects or wasp nests, we’ll identify where they are, what’s attracting them and then make sure they’re taken care of.


Whether you need pest control in Newry, Antrim, Ballymena, Armagh or Coleraine & Causeway, we will utilise professional pest control techniques to get your home secure and pest-free again.


When we carry out our pest control, we make sure to do three things:

  • Be Discreet: We’ll arrive in an unmarked van at a time that suits you, our team won’t leave things lying around in the open and will make sure that no nosy neighbours come poking around.

  • Be Cost Effective: Instead of adding charge upon charge, we’ll be upfront about our competitive prices. All of which can be found on our website.

  • Be Fast and Efficient: We won’t leave you waiting around, we’ll head in, get the job done, make sure you’re comfortable and head off. We pride ourselves on our efficiency.


Don’t let pests take over your home and your life, book District Pest Control and start the process to making your home pest free.

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