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Resolve Your Rat Problem With The Help Of Our Rat Exterminator In Armagh

Whether you’re noticing suspicious gnawed wires and furniture or hear tiny footsteps in the walls, you may be coming to the realisation that you have a rat problem.


Rats, like most rodents, have continuously growing teeth, which means that they constantly gnaw on materials like wood, plastic and wiring to shorten them. This can lead to a lot of expensive damage to electronics and furniture that will persist until the rat problem is dealt with.


District Pet Control have dealt with a variety of pests over the years, so we understand what it takes to effectively get rid of these pesky rodents. Covering Mid Ulster, Causeway, Ballymena, Antrim, Armagh & Newry, our local pest control experts can deal with rats, mice and other annoying pests.


Delivering a discrete service at an affordable price, our team will make these rats a problem of the past.

Why use our team of rat exterminators?


Following strict health and safety procedures, District Pest Control aims to quickly remove the rat problem without harming any other pets or habitants of your home. Using a combination of pesticides, traps and more, we utilise every tool we have to get rid of the rats.


Our exterminators can even arrive to your property in an unmarked van, ensuring any nosy neighbours don’t know anything about your pest problem.

Our staff are fully trained, so you can be assured that our team know exactly what they are doing.


We also employ preventative measures to ensure that rats don’t make their way back into your property any time soon.


Stop rats from damaging your property and make your home pest free with the help of our rat exterminators in Armagh.

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