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Client should be charged £150 for cost of the rat flap on TOP of what you are going to charge for your time etc.

The Ratflap provides a permanent, simple solution to the problem of rats in sewers. The device prevents rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes servicing properties.

The Ratflap is now even easier to install. It can be placed in either the upstream or downstream location inside the sewer. Simply insert in the chosen pipe, making sure that the arrow on the unit points in the same direction as the flow of waste.

The product is made from acid resistant stainless steel and exerts enough force on the inside of the pipe to stay secure but for added security a stainless steel wire lanyard is also supplied.

An install tool is also available to assist fitting in tight or awkward pipes. This tool can also be attached to the Ratflap Pole to assist in fitting the unit in deeper inspection chambers.

The Ratflap is available in 4 and 6 inch versions, the install tool and pole will work with both versions.

Stainless Steel Ratflap 4 Inch

SKU: 4" rat flap
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