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Commercial Guide Price Calculator


Please note external rat bait stations should be positioned at a distance on a liner line between 5 to 10 meters and kept from public view if possible.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 16.30.37.png

Pricing is not black and white, it depends on how many bait points needed serviced and the size of the premises ...and if audited? You can give a price remotely, you do not have to see it in person.

Below is an overview guide calculator to assist you with the pricing. Never under sell the price always over sell it. If the client is interested it could be worth a visit. Please remember Direct Debit total price divided by 12.
Direct Debit set up template is in SMS on your app under commercial set up.



Google Earth required to be downloaded on your phone
Download here

Measuring tool.

You are required to provide a measurement of your Building and outside area via Google Earth, look out for measuring tool.


To determine number of bait points we need to know the size of the Building, please measure building area in m2(Length x breadth)

Screenshot 2023-01-15 16.31.40.png

To measure external area or yard area please measure perimeter in M. Once measurements have been determined on google earth please select the appropriate size of business and yard below by selecting building and yard size that reflects the size of your building.

Screenshot 2023-01-15 16.32.23.png

Monthly Pest Control DD calculator below

Input figure from above to calculate quarterly visits 

Input Total figure from above to calculate 8 visits per year


Ask the client to provide evidence of DD sign up before setting up or leaving in a folder.

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