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We customers see rats and mice in their homes this can be a distressing ordeal for them and their family particularly if they have young children

At Armagh Pest control we provide an emergency response arriving within hours to your home firstly to do a survey to identify where the rodents are getting in at within the property. At Armagh pest control we Exterminate rats and mice rapidity giving the householder the reassurance and confidence to use their home safely knowing the problems of mice and rats is taking care with. 

All our technicians are trained to highest industry standard ensuring safety is of highest importance to the householders and their pets.

We have over fifteen years experience within the pest control industry serving pest control in Portadown, craigavon  and Armagh covering all of the Armagh Band bridge and Council area.

If you’d like to discuss pest control in ABC area , please give us a ring today at Armagh Pest Control  on 028 3744 0400

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