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Larne Pest Control, local Professional Service covering the Mid and East Antrim and Antrim Council area, namely Ballymena  Larne and Carrickfergus areas

We are Discrete, low cost, fast and Efficient!




Guide price is  based on an average semi detached dwelling house, prices can increase for larger houses and seasonal price fluctuations may apply. Please contact us directly by telephone for an individual quote. All prices include VAT


Mice-£60 per visit  

Extra visits maybe required due to extent of infestation



£60 a visit

(Guide Price)


spiders, fleas,  woodlice, silver fish, plaster beetle, ground beetles . Excludes Bedbugs.

Ants £60

Extra visits maybe required due to extent of infestation

From £100 a visit

(Guide Price)


Mice-£75 per visit , a minimum of 2 visits required (£150).


Rats-£75 per visit , a minimum of 3 visits required (£225).

Extra visits maybe required due to extent of infestation

£75 a visit

(Guide Price)


Nest needs to be accessible we will not remove nests from  under roof tiles or cavity walls due to health and safety working at height constraints


£50-£70 a visit

(Guide Price-

depending on location of nest)

All our work is carried out with the highest regard to "confidentiality" ensuring we work discreetly arriving in an unmarked van.
We take proper regard to Health & Safety and the protection of non-targets animals from posions e.g. pets.
Pesticides, traps, and preventative measures are used by professionally trained and experienced staff to ensure that your infestations are identified and remedied as quickly and humanely as possible.

Rats and Mice gnaw through wire, wood, soft concrete, plastic and even mild steel. To avoid rodents causing extensive damage to your home, call us now!

All Larne Pest Control Technicians are trained to the highest industry standard.

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