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Get Rid Of Rodents With Our Mouse Technicians In Coleraine

Tis the week before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, especially not a mouse.


With the lead up to Christmas and the colder weather causing animals to seek shelter, you could discover that a mouse has chosen your home as its new residence.


From mouse droppings littered around your home to chewed wires and woodwork, mice can be a real nightmare once they settle into your home. Don’t let your friends or relatives get startled this Christmas by the sight of a mouse and get rid of these rodents as soon as possible with the help of qualified mouse exterminators.


District Pest Control is a professional pest control service that operates in Newry, Antrim, Armagh and Causeway. Using a combination of traps, poisons and other methods, we aim to get the mice out of your home quickly and with as little disruption as possible.


Why use qualified pest control experts?


If you hire a company to provide pest control services in your home, you need experts that know what they’re doing. Inexperienced exterminators may use ineffective methods or could even use poisons that are a danger to your pets and children.


Our experienced exterminators are professionally trained and have years of experience dealing with a variety of different pests. We even ensure that your neighbours don’t know about your rodent problem by arriving discreetly in an unmarked van.


Don’t let pests like mice ruin the perfect Christmas for you and your family by hiring our pest control experts.

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