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(Flexible Part Time and Full Time )
Pest Control Technicians required
Due to our expansion across the UK we are now expanding our operation in the Birmingham Leeds and Greater Manchester areas. We are after highly driven individuals to join us on our journey. As a District pest control technician, you will operate in your local area.
“Earn good money, work to your own schedule and enjoy a great work-life balance.”
This is a new one-off opportunity not to be missed!
Say hello to an exciting new chapter in your career!
What you’ll need
Before you apply, you’ll need to have the following
  • Smartphone (I Phone)

  • Ability to work as self-employed

  • Access to your own van, a car will be considered during training phase (with license & vehicle insurance)

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"We expect 100% Professionalism"
What we expect?
We expect you to answer your phone to customers throughout the day. The more calls you get the more money you earn. (You need to answer your phone, if you don’t answer someone else will). 

One of the best things about working with us is that you can plan your day around your lifestyle. As long as your customers are happy, its really up to you. You can set up your targets and become successful technician.

You will have the freedom to manage your diary and availability, as well as an uncapped earning potential which you are in control of.


As one of our Local Pest Control Technicians, you will be the local expert in your area, building your local areas and adding your local reputation. This can be a flexible part time or full time  job that helps supplement your existing income.


We will provide all the equipment and pest control products for FREE as required by you on a regular basis.


Depending on the area, typically once established earning on average £1,500 to £5,000 per month. Pay will vary,  from experience it pays more per hour than the average industry pest control salary. We have a spectrum of technicians earning (part time) between £15,000-£25,000 full time £25,000 to £60,000 a year. As areas grow we expect top line to grow as pay is unlimited.


To sign up and remain as a pest control technician with us we expect you to follow a strict code of conduct ensuring professional high NPTA industry, legal and customer standards are applied.

You will  enjoy lots of benefits
What do we look for in a Flexible Pest Control Technician?

- Persistence and determination to succeed to solve problems


-Someone who genuinely loves their customers and enjoys supporting them. We focus on people our customers, not just pests! We like to help people as much as we can through a pest infestation problem in a home or business providing professional services to deal with problem fast and in an understanding and empathetic way.


-You must have ability and "personality" to sell.


-Desire to expand our services in your local area.


-You must have access to your own van (Essential requirement for the job) however during training period in first 3 months a car is sufficient until fully trained and established.


- A strong desire to be successful and help grow your own business area.


- Show Reliability, overwhelming passion with enthusiasm for the job

- Your earning potential is UNCAPPED across all the  services we offer

  • As part of the job we will provide you with industry leading training and massive brand and marketing support.

  • Competitive pay, you will get half of Domestic unit price (price minus VAT rate we pay), yes 50% if you bring in a £1,000 a day (unit price) for the company in Domestic work you will get £500 (that’s half).

  •  We offer attractive commission opportunities on new commercial jobs you bring to us.

  • Commercial routine jobs pay more than £30 an hour.

  • Work in familiar surroundings with a good work-life balance.

  • Flexible hours you schedule your jobs to suit you.

  • You can work anytime between 8am and 8pm.

  • This opportunity can  enhance your existing income.

  • Be part of a professional team.

  • Received ongoing continual professional development training opportunities


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-At least a C in  English and Maths GCSE level or equivalent


- Great communication skills, both verbal and have the ability to write reports.


-Ability to answer your mobile throughout the day to client calls.


- Attend Pest control jobs within the day and in the evening (based on your availability and schedule)


-Availability and flexibility at least 3 evenings a week to work , including afternoons during the week and availability on a Saturday as required, (based on your availability and schedule)


-Ability to use new technology and ability to use our-bespoke company field technology software via apple I phone.




Closing date for this job is 
15th February 2023
Time wasters will not be tolerated!

Next stage will be telephone interviews.


Still Interested?? Please be advised to "Apply" below as soon as we reach our quota we will close the job offering

  • 1. Is this a Franchise
    This is NOT a Franchise, you have to pay nothing towards a set up, instead if your good we will want to pay you for use of your services.
  • 2.Is this a sales based job
    No, there is no requirement to do sales however we expect you to maximise opportunities should they arise.
  • 3. What are the working hours for this role?
    As a Self-employed flexible pest control technician the working hours can be really flexible depending on a number of factors such as your availability, the location of your calls, commercial premises on your schedule. On average a flexible pest control technician works approximately 5-6 hours a day this can include evenings.
  • 4. How will I get paid?
    All jobs are required to go on the app. From your app activity we will run a pay report. You will see this at the 1st of every month and if you are happy with the figure you will submit an invoice to our admin team and we will pay you instantly via BACS. All payments made by District Pest Control to technicians will be without deductions of things like income tax for which you are responsible.
  • 5.How are calls tracked?
    All calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes, you and the client will be both notified of this before answering the call on your phone.
  • 6. Where does District Pest Control operate in?
    We operate throughout Northern Ireland Scotland and Republic of Ireland and parts of England
  • 7. What happens if I miss a call on my phone?
    This is okay; however, we do expect the majority of call to be answered. When not answered, it will go to the next available technician or to a voicemail which will be e-mailed to you for follow up. We have live receptionist teams options available, but they will still need to liaise with you to pass information on and check availability. We find the technician having control of the call helps overall customer service.
  • 8. Am I insured
    We will provide you with insurance cover professional indemnity and public liability you have no requirement to take out additional insurance however if you wish to have additional protection this is okay.
  • 9 Do I get paid for fuel or mileage?
    As a self-employed technician this is one of the costs you would cover yourself.
  • 10.What type of vehicle do I need?
    Any reasonably sized, make or model van is acceptable as long as it is reliable and has a valid MOT and insurance.
  • 11. Do I need a van for the job?
    It’s a Health and Safety requirement to have a suitable van for transportation of rodenticides and pesticides. In the training phase in first 12 weeks a car is sufficient however once fully trained you are expected to source a van. We can sign post you to purchase options available.
  • 12. Can I use a hire van?
    Van hire can be costly however if you wish to trial the job this can be an option in the early days if you do not have a van. All vehicles must have a valid MOT and have insurance in place that covers them to carry out the work.
  • 13. Am I allowed to do my own pest control work alongside company work?
    No, this is prohibited only pest control work should be done for District Pest Control
  • 14. What do I have to wear?
    Any smart, comfortable clothing is acceptable but optional District Pest Control branded clothing is also available to purchase.
  • 15. How many days am I required to work?
    We expect you to be as busy as you can be typically this varies in busy periods could be 5 days a week.
  • 16. What is the holiday entitlement?
    As a self-employed technician you are not under any obligation to provide services personally. You have the unconditional right to use a substitute technician within our District Pest Control team to provide service on your behalf when you want to go on holiday.
  • 17. What training do I have to do?
    RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management (UK) or LANTRA Level 3 Trained Professional User (Ireland)
  • 18.Do I need to have background check for the job?
    We will require a valid background check (DBS, Acess NI Criminal background check) within the first 5 weeks of providing service. The background check must be dated within the previous 6 months. You will then be required to provide a further background checks every 3 years.
  • 19. What is provided?
    We will provide rodenticides, non toxic bait, traps , bait boxes, client folders to you at no cost to you. You are responsible for purchasing of basic PPE items gloves, coveralls and own small step ladder. we will provide other specific PPE clothing in order to do the job
  • 20. Do I have to work at height?
    Working from height is prohibited other than entry into a roof space.
  • 21. Are rates of pay negotiable?
    The rate at which you get paid is non-negotiable however price charged to client can be changed by you for example if its out of your area or seasonal price pressures.
  • 22. Do I have to work evenings and weekends?
    There is no requirement of work on a Sunday, however if you wish to this can be accommodated. We expect availability for evening and Saturday work as and when required.
  • 23. Am I responsible for processing my own taxes?
    Yes, As a self-employed sub contractor you are personally responsible for processing your own taxes. Please see the HMRC or the Revenue website for Sellf Assessment for guidance.
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