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Remember to turn on volume bottom right hand-side of the video in order to hear audio.

1.How to add a job on the  app

2. How to accept card payments on site (NOW USE THE QR CODE)

3.Check card Payment received

4.How to add SMS message for payment in Advance

5.Schedule Future jobs

6.Change price Domestic job

7.How to change price commercial job

8.Adding notes and taking pics of jobs

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In order to prevent technicians hoarding cash for weeks before they transfer to comapny account. All clients must be advised of card payment policy. You should advise clients on the first call of card payment policy and they should be sent an sms (text) for payment or payment taken onsite.
In the event cash is offered and card option has been exhausted you take the cash and use your own personal or business bank card to make the payment via the app. You have 24 hrs to make the payment. The amount entered must match the payment that has been giving in cash by the client, card payment can be entered on the app the same way the client inputs payment.
You can keep the cash or deposit in your account as required. There are no exceptions to this rule, if there is limited cooperation you will be removed without warning as a sub contractor.

All 2nd and 3rd visits need to go under booking, select the future date this will help remember you and keep you organised.

Future commercial visits should also go under booking.

TIP- You can reschedule jobs to make your journeys more efficient. You can send the client a text message informing them of the booking confirmation or change, this is done by automation.


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App Overview Procedure
​1.It is vitally important you press the "Start Job" button on every job (at the top of the screen on your app). "Start job" sign in is required in order to run monthly pay reports.

2.On Domestic jobs "Work Order" Status should be kept open until the job is completed. Once the job is complete it must be moved to status "Completed". It should not remain as a work order. Status is located at the bottom of your app screen (if you scroll to the bottom).

3.If any job does not happen, if cancelled by client or if you failed to do it, it must appear as "Unsuccessful" in the status section. 

4.All Commercial Jobs need to appear as commercial under job category, if not in as commercial it will be missed on pay reports. You are required to use the camera to take a picture of the commercial file. If picture not taken payment for commercial visit payment can be withheld.


How to Download the Invoice?
​Tap on the invoice word as circled below. This downloads the pf and can be e-mailed to the client or sent by sms text on the app. (e-mail template is 004  then add attachment, SMS is template 003) 


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District Pest Control Training September 22.pptx.jpg

On Domestic jobs "Work Order" Status should be kept open until the job is completed. Once the job is complete it must be moved to status "Completed". We will process the paid invoice to accounts once completed.

On commercial jobs please do not move the job to completed keep it as a work order.


All e-mails and texts to go through the app

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